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Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and a sucesfull 2010.

New Year Party


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Oreo’s fist hunt/ training session went better than I could have expected it. Matt and I found a CRP field that looked promising and easy enough for Oreo to handle. He was running into the wind and his pattern was great, it was such a joy to just look at him run. In the first field he was somewhat hesitant since the CRP is thicker than what he was used to.


While hunting I huped him on the whistle, than little while later Matt fired a shot and he was steady and looking around for birds. I did bring a dummy with me so he can get at least some sort of a retrieve reward in case we dont find the birds, but I waited till he was back to cruising and was not looking at me or Matt so Matt threw a dummy as Oreo was coming across. Oreo took two steps before siting down so I went and picked the dummy up by my self and threw it a few times to the left right etc and reinforced the hup command. After that I walked back to him pet him on the head waited a little longer and then sent him on the retrieve. He found it right away and delivered it back to me. He huped in front of me, held his head up high, and put the dummy more or less into my hand. So all in all he was little shy with the cover, but that is understandable he has never hunted in anything like it. He was not sure why there were no birds out there, he did get on the scent once which was MEGA COOL to see and tracked it for about 20-30 yards , but nothing flew out.

Matt and I hunted some more with Mia and got into bunch of birds around noon, we managed to take three roosters out of one small patch of cover, Matt got a double ๐Ÿ™‚ Mia did an excellent work recovering both of Matt’s birds. She found the first rooster quickly, but the second one was nowhere to be found. We kept looking and looking and suddenly Mia goes down the drainage ditch, she disappears under a big brush pile covered with snow. Seconds later Mia came out carrying the rooster.

Matt shot a double

Mia and I

Little Tom (as Matt calls Oreo) did get another chance at birds in the last field of the day. It is a long CRP field and Matt dropped me and Oreo off. This field is 500-600 yards long, and I didn’t use the whistle once to control his range. He was so smooth, so stylish. The cover was not as thick and he just kept going back and forth, I didnt even have to get him to turn the right way on the right hand side he was doing it all by him self. He did get a nose full of something lifted his head and charged straight to this ticker patch of CRP, I was right behind him ready to blow the hup whistle, but once again nothing flew out. He didn’t have a bird contact today, but the bonding process and his willingness to please were seen all day long. During our hunt he kept looking back at me as he was passing by just to check in.

At the end of the day we had 4 roosters in the bag, but seeing Oreo run in that field and maintaining his range without a single peep on the whistle was more worth to me than 100 birds.

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Oreo and Zoe have settled in pretty well. They do have a few moments here and there where they go at one another, mostly because Zoe bugs the crap out of Oreo. He usually puts her in her place (growls at her). He is little possessive of his food so I made sure they understand that there are two food dishes and that each has their own bowl.

Zoe and Oreo

Zoe is on the other hand very protective of us and jealous at the same time, as soon as Oreo comes anywhere near Aida and I, Zoe will find a way to jump into our lap and even bark at Oreo. Also if Oreo does something and Aida yells at him Zoe takes the chance to back Aida up and starts barking at him. Fun of having two dogs. Good Luck to us ๐Ÿ™‚

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On the road again

Aida and I are getting ready for out annual road trip to St. Louis MO. We will be visiting with my family and finally meet my niece Sara for the first time. Sara was born on November 27th, 2009.


We haven’t been “home” since my sisters weeding in early May, and everyone is excited to see us. We will hit the road early Saturday morning and hopefully stop at Burlington CO for a quick phez hunt. Since Oreo is not done with the training , he is going to stay behind. Earlier today I found out that my nephew , Armen, is not happy with our decision to leave Oreo in CO. Sometimes I think the little fella loves Oreo more than his own dog Sparky.


Aida and I are looking forward to the week long vacation.

Stay tuned for more ๐Ÿ˜‰


Text to follow

Morning Coffee and Paper

Sara Aida and I

Armen Aida and I



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Czech Nymphs

I have been reading a book on fly fishing and the section on Czech / Polish nymphing got me thinking about tying some nymphs the eastern European way. Growing up in Bosnia, I have always fished the multiple fly rigs with a heavy weight on the bottom, a very similar concept to the Czech nymphing technique. Going back to my childhood days, we used to fly fish on the river Neretva; the crown jewel of the southern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Neretva River

As a kid I never thought twice about the fish we were after, it was just another trout on the stringer to us.ย  Once I moved to Germany in Fall of 1993, I found out that the trout we were trying to catch as youngsters is an endemic fish, the soft mouth trout.

Neretva's Endemic Soft Mouth Trout

This fish lives only in river Neretva and nowhere else in the entire world! The fish has mouth and lips like a grayling and body like a brown trout. Due to its soft mouth, you are never sure if you will land the fish or not. Great fighter, jumper and sport fish extraordinaire!

If you are interested to know more about this phenomenal fish , you can read the following two articles :

Softmouth Trout or Neretva’s Softmouth River

Not that I didn’t enjoy writing about my childhood memories and the endemic fish we call Meka aka Softy, because I did, but going back to the title of this post, I have tied some Czech Nymphs today. They are not perfect, but my skills are definitely improving (at least I like to think that way ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) .

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Zoe was due for the third booster shot as well as her rabies vaccination, so I called the Broadview Animal Clinic in Denver and scheduled and appointment at 3 p.m.ย  During the routine checkupย  the vet looked into Zoe’s ears and found an infection. At first she thought it was the ear mites, but a quick look under the microscope reveled that it was an ear infection.

Ear Mites

Aida and I have also notices that her ears are somewhat red on the inside and that she has more than usual amount of dark earwax. So the doctor prescribed an ear cleaning solution once a day and an ointment twice a day. We have cleaned her ears once with the solution earlier today and she seemed to be ok with the whole process. She will need the treatment for the next 10 days and hopefully that will take care of the infection and she will be all healed up. Vet also weighted Zoe today and she is right at 18 pounds. She gained a pound since she came home on the 1st of Dec.

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