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Thread Midge

Thread Midge

HOOK: Tiemco 100 #22
THREAD: Coats and Clark (tan)
ABDOMEN: Twist thread to create a segmented effect.
THORAX: Flat black 8/0 tying thread


Yong's Special


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The Colorado pheasant season is ending tomorrow and last Thursday was the last hunt of the 09-10 season for Oreo and I .  Today was the time to clean the gear, especially the guns, and reminisce on the last five months of the hunting season.

Browning citori Stevens 311

The season started way back in September with a blue grouse hunt, continued on to rabbit, elk and then my favorite, pheasant hunting.

Blue Grouse

Dex rabbit hunting

Elk hunting the Bosnian Way

First Bird of the season

Last bird of the season

Way before the season started, sometimes in March, my wife got me a great present; a new O/U shotgun, Browning Citori Lightning 12 ga . Thanks Aida !!!

New Gun - Tag still on it 🙂

I am very happy with the new gun and like to think that my shooting has improved ever since I got it.  At last some of the birds I shot at went down 😉  After the cleaning session earlier today , I have noticed that there are a few minor dents and scratches on the gun. I guess that is what happens when you hunt hard for five months.

Guns are clean

Besides the new shot gun, this season was very special for both Aida and I. We have had our springer spaniel Oreo for two years and this season was the first time we were able to hunt with him. He has finished his training in late December and has been a joy to hunt over.  He is steady to flush and shot and is starting to grasp the whole hunting game. On Thursday he found his second wild rooster , the first one I missed, but he got his reward on Thursday.  Great dog work , good shot and a nice clean deliver. What more can a dog owner ask for.

What made this season also special is all the new friends I made and great hunts we shared. To me hunting is all about having a good time with your two and four legged friends. Thanks guys.

We are ready for some well deserved rest, but are eager for the next fall and new season!!!


It is time to get back to the training grounds and get Oreo ready for his first field trial and Zoe ready for the next season.


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Mark and I met at the Hatch fly shop in Pine around 10:40 a.m. and headed down to Deckers. We talked about hunting, fishing and Marks future fishing trip down to San Juan River making the 20 mile drive go by very fast. John showed just in time as Mark and I were getting ready.

Rock Garden

All three of us fished the section above the Deckers bridge. I started the day off  with the golden stone/midge combo. John got into a few fish right from the start.We had most of our luck in the sunnier runs.

There's got to be one in here

Since I got cold I moved up to the bend pool and as always there were fish in there.

Upstream to Bend Pool

John joined me and fished across the river and got into a fish on his second cast. I kept changing the flies, but had a hard time detecting the subtle strikes. A decent midge hatch came off around 1pm, and the smaller fish were feeding on the surface so I switched to some BWO emerger patterns to try to match the hatch. After a five or six different flies I gave up. Fish would rise to my flies, but refuse to take them.

After the failed dry fly lesson I went back to fishing midges and tied on a size 26 black beauty on 7X tippet as a point fly. On the second cast a had a first solid bite of the day on the size 26 hook. The fish gave a great fight, but eventually landed in my net.

You can see the midge on the side of his mouth

For the rest of the day I didn’t have any more bites, but it was great to be on the river with friends. Mark also landed one fish and had a few more bites. John had the best day off all of us and landed 5 fish and a couple other small stockers. Most fish took his golden stonefly.

Going back

Off he goes

All three of us had a great day on the South Platte and we ended the day with a few cold beers !!

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I am way too tired to write anything at the moment so enjoy the pictures for now.

Pete and Oreo

Place where Oreo got his first wild rooster

Oreo and I

Matt and Oreo

Mud River Kennel Cover

Season End

Dinner time

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Muddy Dog Park

Aida and I took the dogs out for a walk at the Coot Lake earlier today. It is one of our favorite place to take dogs for walks in the summer. We can let the dogs off leash and the path is great for us to run on it as well.

Summer '09 Oreo and his friends at Coot Lake

The lake was frozen solid and there was plenty of mud for the dogs to get VERY dirty in. They didn’t waste any time in doing so either. They were covered with in minutes.

We also saw another Field English Springer Spaniel owned by an English gentleman. Her name is Winnie. Both of his dogs, springer and a golden retriever were brought over from England.


Oreo listening Zoe goofing off as usual

It got cold and Aida and I decided that it was time to head home.

Aida and I

Tired dogs relaxing at home

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Dry Flies

Tied a few dry flies tonight. Enjoy!

May Fly

White fly

Para-Hackle Emerger

Jarebica- Grouse Fly





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7:44 a.m.

7:44 a.m. The phone rings. Adis, you want to go hunting ?? For once Matt, who has known me for over a year now pronounced my name correctly. Way to go Matt !!Of course I said YES. Within  half an hour I got ready and was on my way to Yuma CO to hunt some private land. I met up with Matt, Gary, Scot, and Dan in Wiggins CO. From there I jumped into Matt truck and we continued on out to Yuma.

Matt's Hunting Rig

I hunted blue grouse once before with Scot, but never met Gary nor Dan before.  Gary is an owner of the Anglers All fly shop in Littleton CO  http://www.anglersall.com/

Todays hunt was very unique, we used four different breeds of dogs. Garry has a ten year old English pointer Phoebe, Scot has a 10 month old Epaniel Breton (French Brittany) Elsie, Dan has a 3 year old black lab (forgot the name) , and of course Matt and I had our three English springer spaniels with us.



We started the hunt off in a large CRP field. Matt and I hunted our springers next to one another close to the fence row. We were hunting in thick CRP going  down wind. Oreo fount the first bird of the day, a hen. He had a strong flush and was steady as the bird flew away. I whistled him back to me and after a short praise we continued hunting.  Since he was little amped up upon release instead of quartering he ran in the straight line after the bird. As wind conditions changed his pattern adjusted accordingly.  He is definitely getting a hang of the whole hunting game and is approaching the cover more secure and a lot bolder. His range is constant and the use of  the whistle was down to the minimum.

In that same field Fiji tracked a rooster for a few hundred yards. Pointing, tracking, pointing again, tracking, but the bird flushed too far out away from the guns.

We moved to another field and Dan made a great shot on a high crossing rooster. I believe all Matt said was WOW !! It really was a great shot.


Mia flushed another rooster out of that same cover and Matt connected, but the bird sailed away. Oreo tracked and flushed another hen. As before he was steady to flush , I recalled him back to me, but since  he didn’t get a reward of retrieve he took off towards the area where the hen flew and was a good 50 yards away from me. Few recall whistles and Oreo was back by my side and ready to hunt for me.  Scot also got a rooster on the opposite side of that same field.


We went trough a few more fields and I let Oreo rest until the last field of the day.  Since we were going down wind, he was making figure eights and staying within the gun range. Once again there was no use of the turn or recall whistle. He was a bit slower (maybe more methodical) then usual, but i didn’t mind the slower speed since we all were very tired  by now and slower pace was good.  As we were approaching Gary and Scot, our blockers, Oreo got birdy. He hit the scent cone, lifted his head up and charged towards a bird. A clucking rooster flew from underneath him. In the split second I checked on Oreo, blew a hup whistle, brought my gun up to my shoulder, pulled the trigger and nothing. In the heat of the moment I forgot to take the safety off.  By the time the safety was off the rooster was at the end of the gun range. Both Matt and I took shots, but neither one connect.  That was Oreo’s first contact with a wild rooster and I blew it for him. I was very upset with my self, but very proud of my pup for doing a great job and finding that big old rooster. Hopefully we will get a rooster or two before the season ends.


Thanks to Matt, I was able to hunt private land with some new folks and see some great cover. On the way home , both Matt and I were up for a burger and beer so we stopped and got dinner in Fort Morgan.


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