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Copper Mountain – Skiing


Skiing at Copper


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Aida, Zoe, Oreo and I went to the tail water below Pueblo dam for some winter fly fishing today. All four of us had a great day on the river, and Zoe went for her fist swim. Unfortunately we didn’t have the camera ready when she jumped in, but the mental picture will stay with us forever. Poor thing didn’t know what happened.  She was in hot pursuit after Oreo and once he stooped at the edge of river she didn’t get the hint and jumped over him into a very deep pool. I bet she was thinking that water is grass or something she can walk on.  Her natural instincts kicked in and she swam out, but after that she stayed a few feet away from the waters edge.

Here are a few pictures from today’s trip.

Getting ready


Dry Fly Action

Aida Fishing

At the title of this post says, the Arkansas river  wasn’t arcing for Aida and I today. It was our fist time on this river, and according to some of the local fisherman, today wasnt the best day at the Ark. Only one fisherman landed a few fish all day long.

Great dry fly spot

Even though no fish were caught, we all had a great time and enjoyed a nice sunny day on the Ark.

End of the day

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This is one of my go-to winter patterns

Mercury Blood Midge

Hook – Dai-Riki 270 size 20

Body – Red 14/0 thread

Rib – X-Small UTC Ultra Wire – Gold (reversed ribbed)

Thorax – Peacock Herl (from eye)

Bead – X-Small Mercury Glass Bead

This is how Pat Dorsey, inventor of the pattern, ties this fly.

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Orange UV Scud

I have been watching Pat Dorsey’s Nymphing Strategies DVD and one of the flies Pat ties is the UV Scud. Since I didn’t have all the materials Pat uses, and I like to do things “MY WAY”  I changed the pattern a little. Following is the list of materials I used.


Hook : Dai-Riki model 135 Size 14

Tail Antenna : Sparkle Emerger Yarn – Orange

Thread : 8/0 Camel

Rib : 4x tippet material

Shellback : 1/8 ” Orange Scudback

Body : UV Ice Dub –  Hot Orange


And this is how Pat ties his clutch pattern, the UV scud.

Here is a short segment from the DVD.

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Per ColoradoAnglers recommendation, I tied a few Chartreuse zebra midges.  At first I wanted to put a step by step instruction together, but turned it into a short movie.

Zebra midge:

Hook : Dai-Riki model 125 Size 20

Thread : 8/0 Chartreuse, Black, Red, Olive

Rib : Small French Tinsel Wire

Bead : 1.5mm Tungsten Bead

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I purchased some new fly tying materials, and have been tying some midges the last few days. One of the things I bought is a 14/0 thread in different colors. At first I tough it will be hard to tie with such thin thread, that it might break on me. This thread is everything opposite of that. It is very strong and has a rope look to it rather than a flat floss kind. It does take a few more turns to secure things, but being 14/0 it doesnt add bulk and few extra turns are unnoticeable.

I tied a few zebra, rojo, RS2, Disco, and PBR midges.Since I haven’t been fishing in a little while due to bad weather, I will try and head down to South Platte to try some of these patterns on Friday. I am even debating to go into the Canyon. I fished canyon only once before, and would like to explore it some more.

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Last May, Aida and I generated a video from some training pictures , but I never had a chance to post it until today!!!

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