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Steamboat Springs

Story to follow.

On the way to Steamboat Springs

Lake Catamount

At the Strawberry Hot Springs

The Crew

On the way from the Hot Spring

This is only the second day of our 4 day trip there is a lot more to follow. Hopefully I will get a chance to do some fly fishing in the morning. Stay tuned for more. A few more pictures from our trip.


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I have been thinking about carp fly fishing for some time, and since most of our local rivers are blown out, I might try my luck at carp fishing tomorrow. In the mean time I have been tying some carp flies and the clouser swimming nymph has been my best producer so far. It is hard to decide between the backstabber and the clouser nymph, both great patterns.

Hook : 200R size 8

Thread : Danville Flymaster 6/0 fire orange

Rib : Copper wire

Body : Dubbing tier’s choice

Wing case: Peacock herl

Legs : Hen hackle

Weight : Dumbell eyes 1/8 oz in gold

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