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Shooting Trap

Last spring I had a chance to shoot some clays with my brother Amel at the Jay Henges Shooting range in High Ridge, MO. Not sure why, but my wife didn’t join us on that adventure. I really liked the facilities, and I promised Aida that the two of us will go during our stay in Missouri.

We managed to get some time Saturday morning and headed down Highway44  to High Ridge. My parents went for a ride and ended up keeping track of our shooting score. It was nice to see the numbers, but we will keep those to ourselves 😉

Aida did very well, considering she has not shot a gun since March of ’09. Everyone had a good time, and some of us came home with a bruised shoulder.

Getting it done

Mom and dad keeping score


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Aida and I left for St. Louis Missouri on Saturday morning. We usually go visit our family over the winter holidays, but since my sister Amela gave birth to her twins and I had some time before starting a new job, Aida and I were on the road again.
The plan was to take both of our dogs with us. We got into a heap of trouble with my nephew Armen last time we showed up without Oreo. He has known Oreo since he was a 3-4 month old puppy and they are best buddies. Luck will have it, three days before our trip Zoe got into heat. Perfect timing !!!! Long story short, both dogs stayed behind. I tried to explain to my nephew that Oreo had to stay in a doggy school. The kid is too smart and I dont think he bought the story.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Alden and Leila

Little guys love to eat and nap. I guess that is all you can do at their age.

Not sure what was funny

At the Zoo Armen, Sara, Aida and I

My sister-in-law Elina and niece Sara

Proud mom and dad with Alden

Aida, Sparky, Emmy, Ace

On the way home, as we entered Colorado, we encountered some really bad weather around Limon.

Drive home

We have been seeing the sky darken and mother natures fireworks (lightning) get stronger. Within minutes we were in the middle of a bad tornado watch. It started with a strong rain that turned into hail and then we couldn’t see anything , couldn’t drive and had to pull over on I-70.  We lucked out and the tennis ball size hail missed us by a few miles. The hail we encountered (about an inch in dia.) luckily didn’t do any damage to our vehicle.

This is just the beginning of the storm. It was hunkered right over I-70 so we drove trough the middle of it.

We had to drive through some deep water and piles of ice.  The trip home was a few hours longer, but a trip to St Louis and seeing the family was well worth the storm terror.

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