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On Monday, March 29, the Missouri Headwaters English Springer Spaniel Club was putting on an English Cocker Spaniel Field trial in Clarkston, MT. I was invited to the event by a good friend and mentor Tim DeGroff, who was a member of the gun team at this field trial. The gun captain Chris Maxcy has been friends with Tim and other members of the gun team for some time now.

Wayne, Tim E. , Tim D., Al, Chris

Everyone in the A-team, as they like to call them self, is a long range killing machine. They have been shooting trials as a team for the past 10 years. My task was to observe and learn as much as I could about safe trial gunning, team work, and trials in general. All four of these guys have competed in field trials and know the value of a good retrieve, so their shots are well placed and at the right time.

Throughout the day, despite the fact that the trial grounds were mostly woods, these guys managed to make 60-70 yards kill shots on fast flying chuckers.

Type of Cover

I have never seen any cocker trials before, and it was interesting and impressive to see some of these little dogs work and cover the ground. They are meant to go into thickest nastiest stuff and just work their way trough it.

English Cocker Spaniels

Overall an awesome trip. I have learned a lot and  met some great folks even a guy from Vermont. Everyone on the gun team was very willing to teach me and answer many questions that I had. Hopefully one day I can be part of the A-team 😉

A Team

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