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My wifey got me a great birthday gift this year, concert tickets to see Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. We saw them for the first time back in 2008 at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver on a Valentine’s day. George, Shannon, Aida, and I have been looking forward to this since beginning of April.

After a quick dinner at the Mod Market, and a very much needed caffeine fix, we headed  south on 93 to town of Morrison.

Ready to party

We have been to Red Rock before, but never for a concert. George warned us that we might get spoiled and not want to go to any concerts anywhere other than Red Rocks. I think he was right. This place is just amazing.

We are almost there

View from the top

Red Rocks

Australian singer Xavier Rudd opened for Rodrigo y Gabriela, man can he play the  didge!!!!

Xavier Rudd

Here is the reason why we went to Red Rocks

Everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to another concert at the Red Rock.


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Championship Winners

Last night, Friday Feb. 5th, Aida was asked to join a Coed indoor soccer team (they were missing a girl) and play in the championship game. During ther high school years, Aida used to play as a forward or midfield positions, but last night she played defense . She hasn’t been playing since April and was a little nervous before the game started. First contact with the soccer ball showed that she hasn’t lost the TOUCH .

Her team managed to score 6 goals and secure (win) the championship. Since Aida played defense , she didn’t have scoring chances, but managed a few very nice passes throughout the game. One of her assists resulted in a score. Aida will be joining the team and their new season is starting next Friday. So stay tuned for more indoor soccer reports.

Indoor Field

Game is about to begin

Aida getting ready

Off she goes

Aida playing

Halftime score - Her team winning


Aida playing

Final score

We are the CHAMPIONS

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What a game

Aida got us tickets to see the Denver Nuggets vs. Sacramento Kings NBA game at the Pepsi center. Since we got there early, Aida decided to give me a quick tour of her old campus and show me where she used to take classes, work, and had fun while in college. First we went to the King center and saw the classroom her first college class, music appreciation, was held at. According to Aida the classroom has not changed much since 2001 when she took that class.

Old Classroom

Next stop was the Tivoli building.

Tivoli Building

Aida and I

CU Denver

Aida in Tivoli

After the short school trip, we were on our way to the Pepsi center.

Aida in front of the Pepsi center

Pepsi Center

Got our Tickets

We got our tickets at WILL CALL we were on our way to see the game.


Game has started

1st Period



Aida and I during the half time


Back to the game

Girls again

My wife and I


Final Score - Nuggets Win

The game went into overtime and Nuggets won  by 3 points.

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