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To open the 2010-2011 hunting season, Zach, Saba, and I headed to the mountains west of Kremmling in search of the mighty blue grouse.  We left Boulder at 4:15 a.m. to meet with Zach at a park and ride in Morrison. After a quick chat, we loaded our dogs and the gear into Zach’s Xterra, and around 5 a.m. were on our way down I-70. We managed to get into our hunting grounds right at dawn.

Grouse woods

Up at around 9200 ft of elevation the air was crisp.  The slight breeze and great cover was pointing to a good hunt. A friend and a springer enthusiast, Matt Ortiz, tried his best to increase our odds. He went trough all the trouble to make me a detail map of the good grouse cover locations. He has been hunting these parts for a few years now and know is like the back of his hand.

With the map in hand, we headed toward the springer ridge. To our surprise the spot was taken. Husband and wife with two English setters were getting ready to hit that cover.  Next stop, the grouse camp.

Grouse Camp

Quick plan was made, and three of us headed up the road. Oreo has never hunted the woods, but the sight of my shotgun got him very excited. He knew it was time to have some fun! We spread throughout the woods and started hunting towards the car. Somehow we managed to separate and Oreo and I hunted mostly by our-self.

Oreo entered the cover hard, little too hard for my liking, jumping over downed trees and bushes. His pattern closed in some, and that was just fine by me. He had a great time. O-man was one happy Spaniel in his element.

We worked a lot of great cover, but couldn’t produce any birds.  After finishing one patch, and having lost my friends, we continued onto another section.  Once again , no birds. Between the different covers, we bumped into Gary and John. They saw a few birds cross the road and enter the sage brush. According to them , they tried to go after them, but couldn’t make them flush. Since they didn’t have a dog, I invited them to hunt the cover with Oreo and I, they gladly accepted my offer. We worked that cover over hard. Oreo got birdy a few times, but nothing flew. The two gentleman thanked me for letting them hunt with my dog, and continued up the road as I made my way down hill.

As the temperature rose, the frequency of water breaks increased. Lately Oreo has been biting his thong while hunting, and today was no different.  The blood on the picture above is his own, oh I so wish it was from a grouse.

After a few hours, the crew regrouped. No one has seen any birds.

Taking a break

Winsconsin Grouse Hunter

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring some more woods, hoping a bird or two will be found. Oreo worked hard all day and I tried my best to put him on some birds. He did great for his first time in the woods. Hopefully next time we will have better luck.

All of us had a great time in the Colorado woods.

Zach and Saba having a beer

Till the next time, CHEERS !!!!!


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Colorado blue (dusky) grouse season opened today. I couldn’t make it out on the opening day(having a real job gets in a way), but my hunting friends are out there knocking them down. I hope to go out Saturday morning. Stay tuned for some high country hunting stories.

Oreo in the grouse country - Sep '09

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Grouse woods / Camp spot

Hunting cover

Oreo in the grouse woods

My First Dusky (Blue) Grouse


Girls relaxing by the fire

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