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Darren, Dave, John and I met at the Wal-mart parking lot  about 5:30 am despite the bad weather, we decided to precede with our plan and fish the Delaney Buttes lakes for two days. By the time I unloaded and moved my equipment and camping gear into Darren’s car, Dave and John showed up. The weather was bad from the get-go and we encountered slick, snow packed, and iced over roads.

On our way to Walden, CO

On our way to Delaney Buttes, Darren showed me a few more fishing spots and explained the best ways to get to it.
We arrivet at the south lake around 9 a.m.  Since the temperatures were low, the crew decided to spend the night at the North Park Inn and Suites.  Quick phone call and reservations were made.

Since Dave and John have fished these lakes in the past they were the trip leaders and decided to start fishing on the south lake.

South Lake Open Water

There was enough  open water for all four of us to fish and keep us entairtained.

South Lake

I never fished the lakes for trout before, and didnt have the best chronomids selection, I decided to strip some streamers. On a third or fourth cast I got a bite, a nice fat rainbow. I have never seen a rainbow as fat as this fish was. Hopefully Dave will send the picture of me holding this fatty. As soon as I get the picture I will update the post. This was the first fish of the day. Shortly after that Dave got his first fish on a streamer as well.

Both John and Darren “bobber” fished. As soon as Darren tied on one of his “Natural” chronomids he started landing fish left and right.


Darren lands another one

Around 2 P.M. we decided to try our luck on the north lake.


Darren and John

I was there too

Fishing was somewhat slow, but Darren once again managed to hook a few nice fish.

Locals dont even take the camera out for such fish

It was getting colder by the minute, but we decided to tough through it and fish the “Power Hour”. It is the hour after the sun goes down and the big fish come out to play. Some people tough power hour is the same as a Happy Hour and were catchin buzz instead of fish.

Happy Hour

As soon as the sun went down the fish started jumping all around us. Rigged with a big black bushy streamer I entered the water and within few minutes had a nice fish on.

Fish on

This fish was very acrobatic and jumped out of the water a few times prior to landing in my net.

Brown trout

Soon after I hooked into this fish Dave started chucking streamers and showed us all how it is done.

8 wt rod bent

Biggest Fish of the day 8-10lbs

At the Inn we had a few of cold ones and tied a few flies.

Tying Flies

The next morning, after getting some hot coffee at a local store, we headed to the lake . The temperature were worst then day before and the south lake had a skim layer of ice on it.

Temperature in deg C at 10:39

Friday was John’s day, he was catching one after another on a Jumbo Juju chronomid.


Nice Bow

While everyone was catching fish, I managed to tangle my line countless times and oos my flies on the sage brush behind me. I think I was retying my stuff more than fishing on Friday.

Lost another fly

John and I

We wrapped a good day of fishing at the North Lake. Due to a even colder front moving in the fish stopped biting and the crew decided around noon that it was time to head home to palm trees and sunny beaches of Denver, CO 😉

Till the next time.


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