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Saturday Morning Ride

Since my foot injury a few weeks back,  mountain biking for Aida and I was put on the back burner. Since I am not wearing a foot brace any longer, we managed to take our bikes out  twice this week. Both times rode the Flat Irons Vista trail.

Trail map

This is a much easier trail then Betasso, but challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. The whole  area is a maze of mountain bike / hiking trails, and one could  explore more if time allows or the confidence level requires.

Tuesday Night Ride

This area is great for dogs as well. I might use it do some training with my spaniels one of these days.


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Maiden Voyage

Aida and I have been thinking about getting into mountain biking for some time now, and about a month ago decided to purchase our hard tail mountain bikes. After some online reviews and store tests we decided to go with TREK bikes. Aida got the Trek 4300 disc, and I went with the Trek 4500 gray version. Ever since we got the bike we have been riding around town on paved trail to get used to them (mostly the hard bike seat).

It just so happened that both of us have a day off today, and we decided to go and explore the Betasso Preserve.

The Canyon trail at Betasso is considered a beginner trail, but there are a few challenging spots that will test your ability and advance your skills at the same time.

Boulder in the background

Being our first time on this trail, or any other trail in fact, we took our sweet time. We were back at the parking lot in an hour. Managed to pass some riders get passed by a few as well. Bikes are dirty, our leg muscles are burning.

Overall it was a great day in the mountains and we hope this will become a weekly occurrence.

Stay tuned for more.

The End

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