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Here are a few pictures from our pheasant opener.


Getting Ready

12 guys & 5 dogs ready to go

First rooster of the season

Amel's first bird of the season

at the end of the first field


Taking a break with my spaniels

Hunting truck ?

Oreo and I

Amel ready to shoot some birds

Winsconsin Boys


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Well, first of all I want to apologize to all of my blog readers for not posting anything in a very long time.  Hunting and this thing called “work” have taken up the majority of my time and as a result my blog activity was brought to a minimum.

The 2010 pheasant season has come to an end yesterday, and after two and a half months of chasing birds I am ready for a little break.

Here is a quick summary of our 2010 Pheasant season.

Colorado- Burlington

It all started back on November 13th in Burlington CO. Once again a few of us decided to join the rooster round up and secure additional bird hunting grounds for the season.

First Field of the season

It didn’t take long before birds took flight and shots were fired. Oreo worked very well considering that this was only his 4th time hunting wild birds. He worked hard throughout the entire season and the hard training has paid off.

First rooster of the 2010 season

My Pooch and I

Zach and Pete

Day one ended well for 6 of us, but not so good for the roosters. The next morning ice covered the ground and the temperatures dropped dramatically.

Cold Morning

Zach has never hunted pheasants before, and our goal was to get him a bird over the opening weekend. He didn’t have much luck on Saturday, but Sunday proved to be an all around better day  for my Wisconsin friend.

Zach and Oreo


End of the day

Kansas -Norton

The last three years Mark and I have been going to KS the second weekend of the season, but this year it was my brother Amel and I. Mark had work obligations and couldn’t join us. Amel flew all the way from Missouri to hunt with me, and since he has never hunted wild pheasants before, I worked really hard to get him onto some birds. The trip didn’t pane out as as good as I planed. We saw birds, but no where near the numbers I have seen in the previous years. The cover was thick and my springer could only cover a small portion of it, but we had a good time never the less.


Amel getting ready to hunt

His first wild rooster

All of us worked very hard all day long but were putting birds up out of gun range. Amel got his first chance to shoot a KS  rooster at the end of the first day. He took a long shot at this fast  flying bird, and did a great job at knocking it down 45-50 yards away.


Kansas Sunset


Day two

On day two, Amel managed to get a few more birds. I think my job of getting him hooked onto bird hunting is done. The adrenaline rush and fast shooting action took a positive effect on him.


Amel the Hunter

The Crew-Amel, Zoe, Oreo and I

We had a great time and it was nice to spend a few days with my brother out in the field. I really hope this will become an annual tradition and not be limited to one hunt a year. I am thinking about some woodcock hunting in Missouri in the fall.

After going back home to Missouri, Amel decided that he wants to take a trip back to Kansas and took his pooch Sparky out with him.

Sparky the Quail Hunting Golden Doodle

Missouri Cover

Sparky the Rabbit Hunter

Well deserved swim

Colorado – Holyoke

Holyoke was my next pheasant hunting destination. First weekend I hunted  with my friend Dzemo and his son. I have never hunted Holyoke area before and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of birds and cover type.

First Bird of the day

Rabbit Hunt

On the next trip Saba decided to join us on a two day hunt and bring his Deutscher jagdterrier’s Dzoni and Morla with him.

Saba Morla and his first rooster


Oreo and I

Pheasants and smoked beef

End of the day

Colorado-Burlington The End of the 2010 season

Matt, Brian and I decided to hunt last Sunday and bring this pheasant season to an end. First was the “Field of Dreams” and after walking 5 miles trough dense fog and missing a few birds Oreo and I managed to get one at the end of the field 20 yards from the truck.

Foggy Morning

Oreo with his hard earned bird

Last Rooster of the season

The Crew

Another successful pheasant season comes to an end, and it is time to gear up for a spring training session.

Hard hunted boots

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The Colorado pheasant season is ending tomorrow and last Thursday was the last hunt of the 09-10 season for Oreo and I .  Today was the time to clean the gear, especially the guns, and reminisce on the last five months of the hunting season.

Browning citori Stevens 311

The season started way back in September with a blue grouse hunt, continued on to rabbit, elk and then my favorite, pheasant hunting.

Blue Grouse

Dex rabbit hunting

Elk hunting the Bosnian Way

First Bird of the season

Last bird of the season

Way before the season started, sometimes in March, my wife got me a great present; a new O/U shotgun, Browning Citori Lightning 12 ga . Thanks Aida !!!

New Gun - Tag still on it 🙂

I am very happy with the new gun and like to think that my shooting has improved ever since I got it.  At last some of the birds I shot at went down 😉  After the cleaning session earlier today , I have noticed that there are a few minor dents and scratches on the gun. I guess that is what happens when you hunt hard for five months.

Guns are clean

Besides the new shot gun, this season was very special for both Aida and I. We have had our springer spaniel Oreo for two years and this season was the first time we were able to hunt with him. He has finished his training in late December and has been a joy to hunt over.  He is steady to flush and shot and is starting to grasp the whole hunting game. On Thursday he found his second wild rooster , the first one I missed, but he got his reward on Thursday.  Great dog work , good shot and a nice clean deliver. What more can a dog owner ask for.

What made this season also special is all the new friends I made and great hunts we shared. To me hunting is all about having a good time with your two and four legged friends. Thanks guys.

We are ready for some well deserved rest, but are eager for the next fall and new season!!!


It is time to get back to the training grounds and get Oreo ready for his first field trial and Zoe ready for the next season.


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I am way too tired to write anything at the moment so enjoy the pictures for now.

Pete and Oreo

Place where Oreo got his first wild rooster

Oreo and I

Matt and Oreo

Mud River Kennel Cover

Season End

Dinner time

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7:44 a.m.

7:44 a.m. The phone rings. Adis, you want to go hunting ?? For once Matt, who has known me for over a year now pronounced my name correctly. Way to go Matt !!Of course I said YES. Within  half an hour I got ready and was on my way to Yuma CO to hunt some private land. I met up with Matt, Gary, Scot, and Dan in Wiggins CO. From there I jumped into Matt truck and we continued on out to Yuma.

Matt's Hunting Rig

I hunted blue grouse once before with Scot, but never met Gary nor Dan before.  Gary is an owner of the Anglers All fly shop in Littleton CO  http://www.anglersall.com/

Todays hunt was very unique, we used four different breeds of dogs. Garry has a ten year old English pointer Phoebe, Scot has a 10 month old Epaniel Breton (French Brittany) Elsie, Dan has a 3 year old black lab (forgot the name) , and of course Matt and I had our three English springer spaniels with us.



We started the hunt off in a large CRP field. Matt and I hunted our springers next to one another close to the fence row. We were hunting in thick CRP going  down wind. Oreo fount the first bird of the day, a hen. He had a strong flush and was steady as the bird flew away. I whistled him back to me and after a short praise we continued hunting.  Since he was little amped up upon release instead of quartering he ran in the straight line after the bird. As wind conditions changed his pattern adjusted accordingly.  He is definitely getting a hang of the whole hunting game and is approaching the cover more secure and a lot bolder. His range is constant and the use of  the whistle was down to the minimum.

In that same field Fiji tracked a rooster for a few hundred yards. Pointing, tracking, pointing again, tracking, but the bird flushed too far out away from the guns.

We moved to another field and Dan made a great shot on a high crossing rooster. I believe all Matt said was WOW !! It really was a great shot.


Mia flushed another rooster out of that same cover and Matt connected, but the bird sailed away. Oreo tracked and flushed another hen. As before he was steady to flush , I recalled him back to me, but since  he didn’t get a reward of retrieve he took off towards the area where the hen flew and was a good 50 yards away from me. Few recall whistles and Oreo was back by my side and ready to hunt for me.  Scot also got a rooster on the opposite side of that same field.


We went trough a few more fields and I let Oreo rest until the last field of the day.  Since we were going down wind, he was making figure eights and staying within the gun range. Once again there was no use of the turn or recall whistle. He was a bit slower (maybe more methodical) then usual, but i didn’t mind the slower speed since we all were very tired  by now and slower pace was good.  As we were approaching Gary and Scot, our blockers, Oreo got birdy. He hit the scent cone, lifted his head up and charged towards a bird. A clucking rooster flew from underneath him. In the split second I checked on Oreo, blew a hup whistle, brought my gun up to my shoulder, pulled the trigger and nothing. In the heat of the moment I forgot to take the safety off.  By the time the safety was off the rooster was at the end of the gun range. Both Matt and I took shots, but neither one connect.  That was Oreo’s first contact with a wild rooster and I blew it for him. I was very upset with my self, but very proud of my pup for doing a great job and finding that big old rooster. Hopefully we will get a rooster or two before the season ends.


Thanks to Matt, I was able to hunt private land with some new folks and see some great cover. On the way home , both Matt and I were up for a burger and beer so we stopped and got dinner in Fort Morgan.


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We got contact

I guess there is a reason why people say, third time is the charm. On today’s outing (number 3 ) Oreo got his first wild bird contact. His first wild bird was a hen, but never the less he found her flushed the bird, was steady to flush and shot. I shot in the air to simulate shooting the bird and to see how he will react. He passed with flying colors. At first I thought, ok his first bird he got surprised and did everything as he was suppose to. Let see what will happen on the next one. The next time he got a nose full of scent it was in a CRP. He found  two hens that flushing right in front of him one after another, again he was steady, but I didn’t fire any shots. Finding those birds got him motivated to hunt little harder, and the extra effort got rewarded with another find. He was steady on the fourth bird as well.

Oreo in the CRP Field

Even though none of the birds Oreo found were roosters, I am very happy with his training and overall outcome. He stayed true throughout the whole process. Hopefully next bird he encounters will be a nice big rooster!!!

Oreo and I

Today we hunted with Mark and his pack of GSP’s. I will tell you more about it tomorrow…

It is time to get some well deserved rest. Aida and I have noticed that Oreo is limping on his front left leg. He must have over worked it today. We gave him some anti inflammatory medication and hopefully with some rest he will be back to normal. He is having hard time getting around at the moment. Keep you posted.

Smoking Cigars and looking for roosters- life is good

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Aida and I headed to Burlington CO to chase some roosters earlier today. Aida has never hunted wild birds before and was very excited and eager to learn. I think she was looking forward to seeing Oreo work more than anything. Since she has done a great deal of work in training Oreo, we agreed to go together on Oreo’s maiden hunting voyage. I did take Oreo out last Wednesday, but that wasn’t considered a hunt, rather a training/bonding session. Today we slept in a little and got to our first cover just before noon. Since she hasn’t hunted other than on a preserve before, there was a lot of explaining going on prior to heading into the cover. We didn’t find any birds at the first spot, but the whole experience got Aida thinking and asking more and more question; always a good sign.


Next was the “Redemption” cover as Matt likes to call it. We got in position and as soon as I started walking in birds started flushing left and right, but all of them were far away from both Aida and I to take any shots at. I did have one rooster fly right above me, but by the time I figured my safety was on he was long gone behind pine trees and out of my sight. That was the only descent chance I had all day long.

Next was a CRP field with Oreo.

Looking for birds

No birds were found in this CRP field.  All of the birds we found today were in the thick cover and wind breaks.

Water break

Next stop was SBSP. It is a small area that usually holds a large number of birds, today was not different. By the time Aida and I figured the best way to approach this cover birds got spooked and started flying before we even got out of the SUV. There were at least 20-30 birds. Seconds before all these roosters started flying , I was trying to convince Aida that cover as small as SBSP is can hold a lot of birds. After all these birds got AWAY, she looked at me and said: “This was COOL!!” It would have been a lot cooler if we had a chance to take some shots at these birds.

At this point sun is low in the sky and I am trying to get to the last cover of the day. It is a race with the time, that I wasnt winning so Aida and I found a nice CRP field next to some cut corn and decided it was good enough for our last hunt of the day. As I got out of the car all I could hear is a hissing noise coming from the left back tire. Upon inspection, there was a cut in the tire. So we are deciding if we should go hunt the field and then change the tire or change the tire really quickly and get to hunting if there is any daylight left. We decided to change the tire first.

Flat tire in the middle of nowhere

Man was I happy we made that decision. Upon extracting all the bolts the wheel didn’t want to come off. I was hitting it so hard that the lift gave out and the car rolled off. I tried everything I could think off to get the wheel off , but nothing worked. At this point the sun is gone, it is getting dark, the tire has lost all the pressure,  and we are far away from any mayor roads.

Dogs playing while I am getting the tire replaced

At this point  I knew there was only one way to get this %$*@!!! wheel off and that was BRUTE FORCE! I was hitting this wheel with my boot for a few minutes before it gave out.  With the spare wheel in place we packed up and headed home. I really wish Oreo  and Aida had another chance to hunt together today, but we will be back soon.

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