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Amel and I decided to spend Saturday morning at a Winchester shooting range.  After a hefty breakfast, two of us headed across the Mississippi river to the state of Illinois.  Since I didn’t bring my gun to St Louis, I rented one at the shooting facility.

At first I was thinking to rent a gun that I have not shot before, but after trying a Winchester model 101, decided against that idea and went back to the old reliable, Browning Citori Lightning.

We started off with a round of trap.

Shooting Trap-right elbow should be higher

The score was very close up until I moved to the station #5. I had three birds fly hard to the right, and I managed to miss all three due to an insufficient lead. At the end of the game the score was 19/17 in my brothers favor. I think its due to a gun, hey I am trying to come up with an excuse here guys. We were lucky that an experienced gentleman willing to share a thing or two was in charge off keeping the score and releasing the birds for us.  Afterward he gave us a few pointers and pointed some mistakes we were making.

After a quick gun change, we were on our way to 5-stand. My new gun was a Browning XS Skeet gun.

Skeet Gun

We have never shot any skeet before, and 5-stand was a loads of fun. It takes a while to get used to, and know where to look for the second bird, but once you figure the flight path the fun begins. We managed to shoot some doubles and a few wobbly white rabbits.

My Bro and I

Next was the handgun range. Amel has been shooting his pistol for some time now and is getting good at it. Me on the other hand, I prefer shooting shotguns and more interactive shooting games, but had to try his new pistol out.

We started off shooting 7 yards targets and moved onto 25 yards.

After shooting 50 rounds, it was time to head home. What would be a St Louis trip without a stop at the Ted Drewes for some ice cream.

Route 66

Till the next time.


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