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Copper Mountain – Vail

Aida and I took our last skiing trip of the season last Friday. The weather was gorgeous, but the snow has melted some making our runs hard.

Aida loves the slush

After a couple of hours of skiing we decided to drive west on the I-70 see Vail and get a cup of coffee.

Rest of the pictures can be seen HERE.


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Copper Mountain – Skiing


Skiing at Copper

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Blue, blue is all we do!!

Thanks to our friends Alma and Affan, especially Alma, we got free lift tickets to Eldora Mountain Resort. We planed the day and some people had to call in sick ( they know who they are) in order to join us. Unfortunately Alma got hurt yesterday, sliped on the ice in front of her house and banged her knee so she invited her sister Amela to tag along.

Eldora Mountain Resort Trails

Once we got there, I follower the crew that has been there before, without looking at the map. We jumped on the first lift and up we went, on our way up I have noticed that the terrain around the lift is darn steep making me wonder what kind of trail we will be against. It is important to mention that this is my third season of skiing, and that is if I count last years  two days of skiing as a season, so I am a green trail beginner skier. On the top of the mountain i realized the trails we were going to ski are either blue or black, so I picked a blue trail Jolly Jug, nothing named Jolly can be too  bad can it? Well right around the first corner is where i changed my mind about the Jolly Jug, its the steepest trail I have ever been on. To make the story short, I managed to get down safely impressing my self and the people I was with, especially my wife. We went back to the same trail three more times, managing to  get down faster every time. Having Affan, an ex professional ski racer, helped a lot. He gave me some great pointer that improved my technique and made me  feel more comfortable on my skies.

The Crew

After lunch we managed a few more runs before it got to cold and trails started to freeze over. We all had a great time and now I am ready to chase some roosters with Mark in the morning.

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