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Pawnee FSC got new training grounds and Matt, Kevin, and I trained there on Wednesday evening.


Everyone had a great time and our dogs did well. Zoe’s steady training is advancing. She is steady on whistle and thrown birds / bumpers. Next step is steady to shot and planted birds.

Here is Zoe steady to a fly away bird.

Matt took all the photos and here is a great one of Abby!


Till next time!


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The upland bird hunting season is over and we are moving into the training mode. Despite the bad weather in Denver, I decided to take an 80 mile trip up north and train with my friends of the Pawnee Flushing Spaniel Club. The skies were blue, and there was no snow on the training ground.

Oreo Feb-2011

I have not been training since the bird season started back in mid November, and was a little nervous how well or bad Oreo will do after a long time off. Matt planted all the birds today, and Tim and I ran the first brace. Oreo did very well, and as usual, I got a few new pointers on how to handle a dog and what not to do.

Oreo’s second run was even better than the first.  He found both birds and had a nice long retrieve to wrap the session up.

Between the braces, I took the time to train Zoe. I decided that today was the day to expose her to some live birds. She has been on frozen and freshly shot birds for some time now and it was time to move on to the next stage of training.

Oct-2010 Zoe

I planted a dead bird  followed by two clip-wings.  As I casted her down wind, she was on the first bird within seconds.  The find was followed by a nice clean delivery to hand.  Next was the live bird. She smelled it from 15-20 yards away and took a straight line upwind to the source. Initially she was thrown off by the live bird.  As the bird took off , Zoe’s hunting instincts kicked in, and the chase was on!  It didn’t take long before Zoe got a hold of the pigeon and was on her way back.

As expected, Zoe is showing a lot of potential and I am looking forward to the future training sessions.

Zoe Feb-2011

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I don’ t know about you, but paying $1.82 for some good reading material is money well spent in my book.  A few weeks back a friend of mine , and a long time springer spaniel trainer mentioned this book to me.

I got home and started researching the internet. At first I didn’t think I will be able to find a copy on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, it is written by a British author, but managed to find a brand new book for a lot less then the original price (£16.99).

Stay tuned for the book report.

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Zoe and I

Stream Observatory

The FIsh of Boulder Creek

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My , now 5 month old Springer Zoe, has been introduced to heel , hup and as of today the hallway fetch training. She doesn’t have a problem carrying things around in her mouth, such as socks, sticks, towels etc.  but has not been introduced to fetch command and thus doesn’t know that she MUST bring it back to us.

Zoe playing with sticks in eastern CO

For her at this age everything is a game , which is the way it should be,but it is my job to take the game part and make it into something useful for me 😉  I am not being selfish, am I ?

Zoe knows HUP

Aida has been on my case to start the training for some time now so today is the day. We started the training session with a heel routine in the long hallways of the Peloton Boulder complex.

Great training hallways

After the heel training up and down the long hallway, came a session of fetching. At first Zoe didn’t want to pick the bumper up,  but rather rolled it on the ground and played with it. I stopped that right away, took the bumper away and did a few more heel- hup drills. It was time to give it another try, so I  tossed it once again. As soon as the bumper left my hand she was in a hot pursuit after the flying object.  She attacked it while it was rolling on the ground, picked it up and ran straight towards me.  I purposely left a gap (space) on my right hand side so that she runs for the opening, which will teach her to deliver to my right hand. I bet in her mind she was thinking , oh great an opening lets run trough and continue on home.

I was able to gently slow her down, hold onto her collar, and praise her for a job well done. After some time I took the bumper away from her. Of course at this point she knew the game, her eyes lid up and she started  jumping around with excitement. I again threw the bumper  and same thing happened, nice pick up and delivery. After the third throw we called it a day. I knew she wanted more and that was the perfect time to stop. About an hour later Aida got home on her lunch break, so I had to show her what the little girl has learner and we did the same drill once again. Zoe passed the second test with flying colors.

I am thinking if I can maintain three session a day for the next week she will be ready to go out into the field. As soon as she cleanly delivers the bumper outside, I will be getting her on some frozen pigeons and then deeper cover.

Zoe and I are going to have some fun. Stay tuned for more !!

Zoe relaxing after the training

Oreo relaxing as well

P.S. not to forget Oreo he is having a blast too 😉

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