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Training pictures

Zoe Looking for Birds

Here is One

Look what I found


Intensity!! She can smell the bird

There you are Mr. Pigeon

You are MINE

Clean cary

Mr. pigeon Going for a ride


Flying Birds are FUN !!

Play Time

Lets Run


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Training Day

A few pictures from today’s training session. It was a big day for Oreo and me . We had a chance to run a brace for the first time.

I am ready


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Dawgs having fun

A few pictures from today.

Can we go out now ?

I would really like to go out

Waiting for the elevator

We are free!!!

Zoe-Born to run



Our trouble makers

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Weekend Warriors

Young Roosters

Having a job really cuts into my dog training time. We are back into the weekend warrior training mode. Unfortunately there are other weekend obligations and some time the dogs get the short end of the stick. Such was the case last weekend, and Oreo missed on bird training. To make it up to him, we headed 80 miles north to the training grounds, and in addition planted pheasants instead of stinky pigeons.

Happy Dogs

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