Pawnee FSC got new training grounds and Matt, Kevin, and I trained there on Wednesday evening.


Everyone had a great time and our dogs did well. Zoe’s steady training is advancing. She is steady on whistle and thrown birds / bumpers. Next step is steady to shot and planted birds.

Here is Zoe steady to a fly away bird.

Matt took all the photos and here is a great one of Abby!


Till next time!


2011-2012 Opener

Here are a few pictures from our pheasant opener.


Getting Ready

12 guys & 5 dogs ready to go

First rooster of the season

Amel's first bird of the season

at the end of the first field


Taking a break with my spaniels

Hunting truck ?

Oreo and I

Amel ready to shoot some birds

Winsconsin Boys

Training pictures

Zoe Looking for Birds

Here is One

Look what I found


Intensity!! She can smell the bird

There you are Mr. Pigeon

You are MINE

Clean cary

Mr. pigeon Going for a ride


Flying Birds are FUN !!

Play Time

Lets Run


The upland bird hunting season is over and we are moving into the training mode. Despite the bad weather in Denver, I decided to take an 80 mile trip up north and train with my friends of the Pawnee Flushing Spaniel Club. The skies were blue, and there was no snow on the training ground.

Oreo Feb-2011

I have not been training since the bird season started back in mid November, and was a little nervous how well or bad Oreo will do after a long time off. Matt planted all the birds today, and Tim and I ran the first brace. Oreo did very well, and as usual, I got a few new pointers on how to handle a dog and what not to do.

Oreo’s second run was even better than the first.  He found both birds and had a nice long retrieve to wrap the session up.

Between the braces, I took the time to train Zoe. I decided that today was the day to expose her to some live birds. She has been on frozen and freshly shot birds for some time now and it was time to move on to the next stage of training.

Oct-2010 Zoe

I planted a dead bird  followed by two clip-wings.  As I casted her down wind, she was on the first bird within seconds.  The find was followed by a nice clean delivery to hand.  Next was the live bird. She smelled it from 15-20 yards away and took a straight line upwind to the source. Initially she was thrown off by the live bird.  As the bird took off , Zoe’s hunting instincts kicked in, and the chase was on!  It didn’t take long before Zoe got a hold of the pigeon and was on her way back.

As expected, Zoe is showing a lot of potential and I am looking forward to the future training sessions.

Zoe Feb-2011

2010 Pheasant Hunting Season

Well, first of all I want to apologize to all of my blog readers for not posting anything in a very long time.  Hunting and this thing called “work” have taken up the majority of my time and as a result my blog activity was brought to a minimum.

The 2010 pheasant season has come to an end yesterday, and after two and a half months of chasing birds I am ready for a little break.

Here is a quick summary of our 2010 Pheasant season.

Colorado- Burlington

It all started back on November 13th in Burlington CO. Once again a few of us decided to join the rooster round up and secure additional bird hunting grounds for the season.

First Field of the season

It didn’t take long before birds took flight and shots were fired. Oreo worked very well considering that this was only his 4th time hunting wild birds. He worked hard throughout the entire season and the hard training has paid off.

First rooster of the 2010 season

My Pooch and I

Zach and Pete

Day one ended well for 6 of us, but not so good for the roosters. The next morning ice covered the ground and the temperatures dropped dramatically.

Cold Morning

Zach has never hunted pheasants before, and our goal was to get him a bird over the opening weekend. He didn’t have much luck on Saturday, but Sunday proved to be an all around better day  for my Wisconsin friend.

Zach and Oreo


End of the day

Kansas -Norton

The last three years Mark and I have been going to KS the second weekend of the season, but this year it was my brother Amel and I. Mark had work obligations and couldn’t join us. Amel flew all the way from Missouri to hunt with me, and since he has never hunted wild pheasants before, I worked really hard to get him onto some birds. The trip didn’t pane out as as good as I planed. We saw birds, but no where near the numbers I have seen in the previous years. The cover was thick and my springer could only cover a small portion of it, but we had a good time never the less.


Amel getting ready to hunt

His first wild rooster

All of us worked very hard all day long but were putting birds up out of gun range. Amel got his first chance to shoot a KS  rooster at the end of the first day. He took a long shot at this fast  flying bird, and did a great job at knocking it down 45-50 yards away.


Kansas Sunset


Day two

On day two, Amel managed to get a few more birds. I think my job of getting him hooked onto bird hunting is done. The adrenaline rush and fast shooting action took a positive effect on him.


Amel the Hunter

The Crew-Amel, Zoe, Oreo and I

We had a great time and it was nice to spend a few days with my brother out in the field. I really hope this will become an annual tradition and not be limited to one hunt a year. I am thinking about some woodcock hunting in Missouri in the fall.

After going back home to Missouri, Amel decided that he wants to take a trip back to Kansas and took his pooch Sparky out with him.

Sparky the Quail Hunting Golden Doodle

Missouri Cover

Sparky the Rabbit Hunter

Well deserved swim

Colorado – Holyoke

Holyoke was my next pheasant hunting destination. First weekend I hunted  with my friend Dzemo and his son. I have never hunted Holyoke area before and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of birds and cover type.

First Bird of the day

Rabbit Hunt

On the next trip Saba decided to join us on a two day hunt and bring his Deutscher jagdterrier’s Dzoni and Morla with him.

Saba Morla and his first rooster


Oreo and I

Pheasants and smoked beef

End of the day

Colorado-Burlington The End of the 2010 season

Matt, Brian and I decided to hunt last Sunday and bring this pheasant season to an end. First was the “Field of Dreams” and after walking 5 miles trough dense fog and missing a few birds Oreo and I managed to get one at the end of the field 20 yards from the truck.

Foggy Morning

Oreo with his hard earned bird

Last Rooster of the season

The Crew

Another successful pheasant season comes to an end, and it is time to gear up for a spring training session.

Hard hunted boots

Training Day

A few pictures from today’s training session.

Oreo flushing a rooster.


Mia Steady to flush and shot

Zoe’s training is advancing. We started quartering drills wit some dead birds. She did very well for her first time out. Her range was perfect and she responded nicely to turn and recall whistle. Delivery was spot on. Little girl is moving along.

Abby flushing a hen pheasant

Abby - Nice clean delivery

Planting birds for Oreo

Here is Oreo smoking out another rooster.



Trail Riding

Saturday Morning Ride

Since my foot injury a few weeks back,  mountain biking for Aida and I was put on the back burner. Since I am not wearing a foot brace any longer, we managed to take our bikes out  twice this week. Both times rode the Flat Irons Vista trail.

Trail map

This is a much easier trail then Betasso, but challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. The whole  area is a maze of mountain bike / hiking trails, and one could  explore more if time allows or the confidence level requires.

Tuesday Night Ride

This area is great for dogs as well. I might use it do some training with my spaniels one of these days.